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Births within the Triangle

October 22, 2001: Choupette is the first released female to give birth to baby in the forest. Thanks to the genetic analysis we learned very quickly that the happy dad is : Mékoutou. Small Andréa unfortunately diseappars in July 2002 when she met a group of wild chimpanzees.

May 05 Mars 2003: Jeannette is found after missing for one month and a half. She were at more than 5 km in the South-east of the camp of the Triangle, at almost 10 km of the place where she had been seen for the last time. She were with a group of wild chimpanzees and she gave birth to a small male, Maï. We await impatiently the hairs taking which, thanks to the genetic work of typing carried out by Dr. Benoit Goossens, which will enable us to determine his paternity. We will not fail to keep you informed.
October 2006: the small one goes well.

August 07, 2003 : it is the turn of Bounie, who passes more and more time with the wild chimpanzees, to be seen with a baby in her arms. Three of the five first chimpanzees released in 1996 thus reproduced in freedom. We saw her again near a tailboard in June 2004, all alone. We do not know what Sanga became, her baby.

EricaMystic August 17, 2003 : today at midday it is Lucie who gives birth to the third baby of the year. Erica has unfortunately disappeared while meeting a group of wild chimpanzees.

And of three! August 25, 2003 : Choupette gives birth for the second time birth to a small baby in the forest, a female female Mystic. October 2006: the small one goes well.

Three births in two weeks it is really spring in Congo.

May 2005 : It is the turn of Emilie and Perlette to become mothers. The baby Emilie disappeared a few days after. March 2006, the baby of Perlette goes well.

In the morning of May 15, 2006 : Lucie is found with a little baby. October 2006: the small one goes well.

August 17, 2006: Emilie gives birth to a female who unfortunately disappeared a month afterwards while meeting wild chimpanzees.

Births within the Sanctuary

Gina and Pépére are the first chimpanzees to reproduced themselves in the Sanctuary. Gina gave birth in 1993 and 1997. These two babies died at the end of a few months.

1998 : Sophie gives birth to Valentine. The genetic study told us that the father is Chinese. In February 1999 Valentine is released in the forest at the same time as his/her mother. She diseppears in the forest in May 1999.

Baby on the Yombé island 1999 : two males are born on the Yombé island; Ewo, the baby of Emmanuelle conceived with David and Oyo resulting from the union between Olga and Chinese. March 2006 these two babies go well.

Gina and Moana 2000 : Yoko gives birth to a female: Younsalla. March 2006, small Younsalla grows well.

November 2000 : Tessy is mother of Paris. Who dies after of a few months.

2005 : Gina gives birth to her third kid, a male: Moana

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