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Scientific work
          The studies undertaken by H.E.L.P. already led to the realization of various reports, within the framework of university courses for a great part, with publication of several articles in scientific reviews at reading panel and the participations in various conferences.
Ø scientific Articles
      - Farmer K, Buchanan-Smith H., and Jamart A. (2006, in press for International Newspaper of Primatology). Behavioural Adaptation of Chimpanzees Side troglodytes troglodytes Following Release to the National Conkouati-Douli Park, Republic of Congo
      - Gossens B, Ancrenaz Mr., Vidal C and Jamart A. (2001) Captive care in Primates: applications has chimpanzee (Side troglodytes troglodytes) release program in the Republic of Congo. Laboratory Newsletter primate, vol. 40-4.
      - Goossens B, Ancrenaz M, Vidal C, Paredes J, Cowherd-Vallas M, Bonnotte S, Vial L, Farmer K, Tutin C.E.G., Jamart A (in Animal Prep for Conservation) The release of wild-born orphaned chimpanzees into Conkouati Reserve, Republic of Congo. African Primates
      - Goossens B, Funk SM, Vidal C, Latour S, Jamart A, Ancrenaz M, Wickings EJ, Tutin CEG, Bruford MW (2002) Measuring genetic diversity in translocation programs: principles and to application has chimpanzee release project. Animal Conservation 5: 225-236.
      - Goossens B, Latour S, Vidal C, Jamart A, Ancrenaz M, Bruford MW (2000) Twenty new microsatellite loci for use with to hair and faecal samples in the chimpanzee (Side troglodytes troglodytes). Folia Primatologica 71: 177-180.
      - Goossens B, SetchelleJM., Tchidongo E, Dilambaka E, Vidal C, Ancrenaz Mr., Jamart A, 2005. Survival, interactions with conspecifics and reproduction in 37 chimpanzees released into the wild. Biological Conservation 123: 461-475.
      - Goossens B, Setchell JM, Vidal C, Dilambaka E, Jamart A (2003) Successful reproduction in wild released orphan chimpanzees (Side troglodytes troglodytes). Primates 44(1): 67-69.
      - Krief S, Jamart A, Hladik CM (2004). One the possible adaptive been worth of coprophagy in free-ranging chimpanzees. Primates.
      - Tutin CEG, Ancrenaz M, Paredes J, Cowherd-Vallas M, Vidal C, Goossens B, Bruford MW, Jamart A (2001) The conservation biology framework of the release of wild-orphaned chimpanzees into the Conkouati Reserve, Congo. Biology Conservation 15(5): 1247-1257.
      - Cowherd-Vallas M, Goossens B, Vallas P, Ancrenaz M, Farmer KH, Vidal C, Paredes J and Jamart A (in Prep) Feeding Behaviour of chimpanzees released into the wild.
      - Vidal C, Paredes J, Ancrenaz(1998) Mr. Anestesia in chimpances: To precede estudio comparativo varied técnicas in trabajos campo. Difusión veterinaria consulted. Vol. 5, No 49: 119-122.
      - Vidal C, Paredes J, Ancrenaz M, Cowherd-Vallas M, Bonnotte S, Mahé S (in Prep for Newspaper of Medical Primatology). Use of orally- administered medetomidine in chimpanzees: comparative study with other tranquilisers.
Ø Conferences
      - Congress von Gesellschaft für Primatologie : Primatology in das neue Jahrundhert, Utrecht, The Netherlands, August 1999 (Sabrina Didier). Talk: "Adaptation of orphaned chimpanzees (Side troglodytes) and orang-utans (Pongo pygmaeus) to reintroduction in the forest: activity budgets, feeding and foraging behavior ".
      - Management of Chimpanzees Sanctuaries across Central Africa Workshop, Entebbe, Uganda, May 2000. The Great Apes: Challenge for the 21st Century, Chicago, the USA, May 2000 (Dr. Jorge Paredes). Talk: "The release of wild born orphaned chimpanzees into the Conkouati Reserve, Congo, have has conservation strategy".
      - International Primatological Society Conference, Adelaide, Australia, January 2001 (Dr. Benoît Goossens). Talk: "Measuring genetic diversity and relatedness in A chimpanzee Re-enforcement programs: principles and applications ".
      - International Primatological Society Conference, Adelaide, Australia, January 2001 (Kay H. Farmer). Talk: "The nest building abilities of reintroduced chimpanzees: has comparison to to their wild counterparts, and implications for survival ".
      - First Forum in situ butt Projects supported by European Zoos, Angers, June 2002 (Dr. Myriam Cowherd-Vallas). Talk: "H.E.L.P. Congo: its actions in the Republic of Congo to protect Primates and to their Habitat
      - International Primatological Society Conference, Beijing, Clouded, August 2002: Goossens B, Ancrenaz Mr. Symposium one "Rehabilitation and reintroduction: possible tool for the conservation of apes has ".
      - Meeting Side African Sanctuaries Aliance, June 2003: Management & Veterinary Workshop: reintroduction program & anaesthesia in chimpanzees reintroduction

Ø Reports of student-researchers (level 3° cycle)
      - Didier S, (1998). Study of the life of relation of a group of chimpanzees reintroduced in natural environment in the Reserve of Conkouati (within the framework of the H.E.L.P. Project). Thesis of veterinary doctorate, National School Veterinary surgeon d' Alfort.
      - Didier S, (1999). Eco-ethologic and phytochimic study of the diet of chimpanzees (Side troglodytes troglodytes) reintroduced: evaluation of the adaptation to the natural environment and study of the selection of consumable food. Diploma of studies thorough of General Ecology, die of biology of the populations and dynamic of the settlements, University Paris VI-INA PG
      - Houska J, (2002). Contribution to the cartography of a state "zero" of vegetable cover on the zone of Conkouati, Republic of Congo. Higher diploma of Specialized Study ' Formation CETEL "(Cycle of the teaching of the teledetection) 32 pages + appendices.
      - Post A, (2000). Eco-ethologic study of a community of chimpanzees (Side troglodytes troglodytes) released in natural environment within the framework of the programm of reintroduction of H.E.L.P.Congo (Ecological Habitat and Freedom of the Primates): food behaviors, strategies of food research and use of space. Diploma of higher studies in Sciences for the Countries in the process of Development, University of Liege
      - Schwartz A, (2001). The paradoxical interaction, When the relational is in bankruptcy, Study undertaken in the reserve of Conkouati, in Congo of June 29, 2000 to September 3, 2000. Master's paper, University Paris XIII, Villetaneuse, France.
      - Farmer KH, (2002). The behaviour and adaptation of reintroduced chimpanzees (Side troglodytes troglodytes) in the Republic of Congo. PH D thesis, University of Stirling, the U.K., 415 pp.
      - Vanthomme H, (2004). Development of a parasitic protocol of follow-up of great free primates in tropical forest and first results. Thesis of veterinary doctorate, National School Veterinary surgeon de Nantes, France.

Press popularization articles and general public
     Interest of general public for the H.E.L.P. Project and its action grows from month to month and various articles and films were born. Here only the principal articles of press general public and popularization and the films carried out are listed; thus the participations in conferences or festivals are not presented (nearly ten), the television programmes and radiophonic (more information, contact us)


  • Information - Edition Puy de Dôme. "HELP Congo. To save the primates of Africa "
  • Le Républicain Lorrain. "association HELP Congo finds good echo with the zoo of Amnéville"
  • Le Républicain Lorrain. "Learning how to be free. Released chimpanzees "
  • 30 Millions d'amis. "5 students motivated to save the primates"
  • GEO. Article in the special number "Portraits of Women of field"


  • Le Républicain de l'Est. "Carole on the traces of Diane"
  • Est Magazine. "Chimpanzees in the fog"
  • Passions Grand East. "new life of the chimpanzees of Conkouati"
  • Le Républicain de l'Est. "Association Gorilla and Help Congo: Two associations, the same combat "


  • Le pays roannais. "Project HELP: the majority of the chimpanzees found freedom "(Jan. 2002) (according to AFP advertisement)


  • Terre sauvage. "Veterinary of the edge of the world, a portrait of Romain Calaque"
  • Courrier de la Nature "HELP, ten years of actions for the protection of the chimpanzees and of their environment"


  • Courrier de la Nature "the Sanctuary of the chimpanzees"
  • Libération "Sciences - Congo: the lagoon with the chimpanzees "
  • Le figaro "Help calls the Help |"
  • AFP Sciences "HELP Project: New released of chimpanzees in Congo "
  • Aventure "Born to be free - chimpanzees of Conkouati"
  • L'Expansion. "In the jungle, the police officer helps the gorillas"
  • Animaux Magazine. "Congo: a documentary specimen on the protection of the chimpanzees "
  • Canopée. "Reintegration of chimpanzees in the Reserve of Conkouati in Congo"
  • Canopée. "Reintroduction of chimpanzees with Conkouati"


  • Terre sauvage. "Chimpanzees, first steps towards freedom"
  • Voyager Magazine. "the Small Sister of the monkeys; a portrait of Sabrina Didier "
  • L'Autre Voyage. "Primates: help!"
  • Voici. "Chimpanzees in the fog"
  • Science & Vie Junior. "Chimpanzees at the school of freedom"
  • Pour la Science. "Return to nature"
  • Vetmag. "Chimpanzees find their wild brothers"
  • L'Indépendant. "From the Faculty to Africa for Stéphanie Romeu... or biology on the field"
  • Nord Eclair. "Six Months in Congo with the chimpanzees"
  • Ziva. "Konkuati, simpanzi skola svobody"
  • Animals International. "Back to their roots"


  • 30 Millions d'amis. "the Island of the chimpanzees"
  • AFP Scientifique. "Chimpanzees relearn to live free in Congo"
  • Animaux Magazine. "Aliette Jamart at the help of the chimpanzees"
  • AFP Sciences. "Congolese Chimpanzees at the school of freedom"
  • Nature. "The nannies for the chimpanzees"
  • Animaux Magazine. "Freedom found for seven chimpanzees in the south Congo"
  • La semaine vétérinaire. "Chimpanzees victims of the poaching reintroduced successfully in Congo"
  • Journal municipal de la Ville de Loos. "Loossoise in Conkouati"
  • Le Midi libre "Aliette, the mom-guardian of the monkeys of Congo"
  • Nord Eclair. "the Passion of a Loossoise in the heart of the jungle"
  • La Voix du Nord. "Karine dedicated to the cause of the monkeys"
  • Drome & Ardeche. "A the rescue of the large monkeys"
  • Drome & Ardeche. "Return to Congo"
  • Les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace. "Seven Monkeys in freedom"
  • La Dépêche du Midi. "Aliette is the passionaria of the chimpanzees"

Television - Movies
Ø Reports
      · "HELP Congo" (12 minutes) in "Les Nouveaux Mondes: Secrets of the forest"- Gédéon Productions/France 2 (summer 1998)
      · Report in the emission " Sept à Huit" (18 minutes) Ginkgo Production/TF 1 Sunday (January 04, 2004)

Ø Movies
      · "Wild Veterinary: Doctor chimpanzees"(26 minutes) - Leo Productions (1996)
      · "Born to be free" (52 minutes) Gédéon Productions/France 2 (1999)
Movie presented in various festivals and several times prize-winner:
            - the Festival of the Adventure (Dijon - 1999)
            - Price of the nature conservancy - 17° international Festival of Ornithological Film (Ménigoute - 2001)
            - Great price of the Festival of Bailly
            - Price of best documentary French-speaking person TELESCIENCE
            - Price of Youth Jules Verne § Bronze World Medal Festival of New York
Movie broadcasted on various national chains, cables, satellite,: France 2, France 5, Discovery Chanel...
      · "a history of chimpanzees" (52 minutes) Gédéon Productions/Channel + (2002)
Movie presented in preview at the press, November 21, 2002 with the Natural history museum of Paris.
movie broadcasted on various national chains, cables, satellite among those Canal + (December 2002) and France 3 (February 2004), France 5 (2006).

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