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@ Mars 2006: opening of the blog http://helpinfo.canalblog.com : this blog will replace this news page in order to keep you more regularly and more quickly informed.

@ January 2006: The Rafter company support our effort of sensitizing by a consequent donation. We thank Baïju for his efforts to obtain this donation.

@ December 2005: The W.C.S. installed new checkpoints to the entry of the Park. The ecoguards made a "splendid" seizure: two trucks fully loaded. They escorted the vehicles to Madingo Kayes, they let the television know about that and thus all that passed on the antenna.

@ November 2005: for a few months Rebecca has occupied the post of veterinary surgeon on the Triangle. Fernando arrived at the same time as she is, uses his talents of orginizer to sensitize the children in the villages (colouring, théatre of marionettes...).

@ October 2005: the Lagoon of Conkouati is closed and reopen regularly. In this moment, it is closed and water goes up on the islands or on the level of the Sanctuary to a height never reached.

@ September 2005: Aliette Jamart could assist in Kinshasa to the international reunion "Congo Basin Initiative". If the international leaders finally decide to really invest themselves with the defense of the tropical forest, maybe things are likely to evolve.
September 18: the village of Opme, close to Clermont-Ferrand dedicated its annual festival to the H.E.L.P. Project. All the benefit collected were given to us and it will be used to finance in 2006 the training course of a Congolese student within the framework of his master.

@ August 2005: the Board of directors of H.E.L.P. International met. The office was renewed.

@ June 2005: It is the turn of Emilie and Perlette to become mothers. That brings to 7 the number of births on the Triangle.

@ May 2005: P.A.S.AAssociation joined together its annual conference in Kenya. Benoit Goossens, president of H.E.L.P. International and Aliette Jamart represented the H.E.L.P. Project in this conference where the expert role of our project, concerning the releases, was recognized.
In France the Official game reception organized within the framework of the Helpiades initiative unfortunately did not know the success awaited...

@ April 2005: for three months the roads from Pointe Noire to Conkouati had been more complicated. Indeed the boad on the Noumbi river was broken down. It has finally been fixed.

@ Mars 2005: 46 ° C : record of heat beaten in Pointe Noire. Heat, strong tornadoes: climatic risks or major changes related to the climatic reheating? The question is opened and unfortunately the full datas miss to answer.
At the end of the year 2004 H.E.L.P. had collected 3 babies chimpanzees who would have known euthanasia if nothing were done. After having undergone complete medical tests they have just joined the sanctuary to begin the process of rehabilitation on an island.

@ February 2005: Aliette Jamart took advantage of the biodiversity conference which gathered the principal actors of the conservation in Africa Centrale in Brazzaville to meet the various ministers concerned with the H.E.L.P. Project. The Congolese authorities are proud to be able to propose such a project on their ground.
Every years in February-March the zone of Conkouati is struck by mini-tornadoes. Those of this year were particularly virulent.

@ January 2005: Placide Kaya continues the program of sensitizing in Congo. He installed panels of information in N'Goma, the nearest village to the camp of the Sanctuary.
Nestin, Congolese auxiliariy present since the beginning of adventure of H.E.L.P. Congo died. All those who knew him will keep a touched memory of this true "character".

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