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Sponsors and partnership

One of the forces of the H.E.L.P. Project is its network, network of sponsors and network of partners, in particular scientific.
The list hereafter shows the most important, still active or not.
If we forgot one of them, may he forgives us!
We thank them all for their assistance and their confidence!
Let us not forget also our godfathers:
Tarmak, godfather of our project and
Mr. Jean Marie Pelt, President of the Institute European of Ecology,
who particularly supports our research program on the ecosystems habitats of the primates.

Foundations and associations of protection of the fauna and the environment
H.E.L.P. Congo received the assistance of various of these structures or is affiliated with certain networks:
Ø Partners organisations (donations, support)
         1-France :
- Fondation Brigitte Bardot (financial assistance)
- Fondation Bourdon (financial assistance)
- Fondation One-Voice (Tallis) (financial assistance)
- Fondation Nature et Découverte (financial assistance)
- Société Protectrice des Animaux (SPA) (financial assistance)
- Société Française de Primatologie
- Association "A Pas de Loup"
- Le Forum Faune Sauvage
- Kalaweit
         2-International (financial support) :
- US Fish and Wildlife Service (Great Apes Conservation Fund, USA)
- Arcus Foundation (USA)
- WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals)
- International Primate Protection League (IPPL, USA)
- Gorilla Haven (USA)
- Chimp Haven (USA)
- David Sheffer Wildlife
- Dysney Consevation
- Sea World & Bush Garden

Ø Networks (of which we are members)
- Groupe Grands Singes France : (Association Gorilla, HUTAN et Projet H.E.L.P.)
- PASA (Pan African Sanctuary Alliance)

Stand organised by the Amneville zoo in order to collect found for our projectPirvates structures (patrons)
Ø Zoological Parks
- Parc de Saint Martin de la Plaine (France)
- Zoo d'Amnéville (France)
- Zooparc de Beauval (France)
- Zoo de la Barben (France)
- Cleveland Zoological Society (USA)
- Lincoln Park Zoo (USA)
- Colombus Zoo (USA)
- Twycross Zoo
Ø Companies
- Spot-Image (donation of satelite images)
- Virbac
- Mérial
- Air Gabon
- Novartis
- Chevron
- Euri-HELP

Structures of research
Ø Within the framework of the research program on the ecosystems habitats of the primates, various collaborations were already developed, in particular for the realization of the missions, with for example:
- Cirad
- Laboratory of biology of the protists, UMR CNRS 6023 University Blaise Pascal Clermont-Ferrand II - France
- the University of Cardiff, Country of Galle, invested itself since 1999 within the framework of the program of follow-up of the reintroduced chimpanzees (follow-up genetic) and is implied also today in the new orientations of the H.E.L.P. Project.
Ø In addition, since 1996, our project developed collaborations with various structures of research for scientific expertises, scientific studies or the reception of students: Universities of Stirling, of Liege, of Paris VI, of Paris XIII, the National School Veterinary surgeon from Maison Alfort or the CIRM (Medical Research International Center of Libreville). 

Support in the Republic of Congo
Ø Within the framework of its project of reintroduction of chimpanzees, H.E.L.P. Congo established cooperation agreements with the government of the Republic of Congo (signatory: Mister the high commissioner in charge of the Co-operation, to the Foreign Affairs and of the Co-operation, In charge of the Francophonie). This was in particular concretized by the provision of H.E.L.P. Congo of the site of establishment of the Sanctuary (which counts in particular three wooded islands) and the site known as of the Triangle, place of reintroduction.
Ø In addition, the research program on the surrounding-habitat of the primates receives the support of various Congolese persons in charge, signatories of letters of support, like Messrs:
- Antoine MOUNTANDA, Director of the National Service of Afforestation, Coordinator of Forest Network CORAF/ Central Wecard Africa and West Africa
- Camara ELENGA, President of the Congolese Association of the Biologists and Geologists and researcher at the sedimentary laboratory of Geology and geochemistry of the Higher Teacher training school of Brazzaville.
- Joel LOUMETO, Coordinator for the Group of Research on Forest Ecology and Environment (G.R.E.F.E.) 

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