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The H.E.L.P. Project
do not undertake any gainful activity and is financed thanks to the assistance :
- provate people
- companies
- foundations or associations
Most of 90 % of the unds are collected by H.E.L.P. International which refunds H.E.L.P. Congo on written proof.
Let us pay homage to the smartness of Mrs. Jamart, the president founder of H.E.L.P. Congo which manages to make miracles on the ground, starting from nothing : resourcefulness and recovery are its leading words!

Private people
Among them, are the members, the godfathers and the givers. They represent less than 10 % of the money entries of H.E.L.P. Project.
Note: the money paid by the voluntary ones is used for their food, their transport and their housing.

They are almost primarily zoos, french, english or american. Their assistances correspond to approximately 20 % of our funds.
Lastly, some of these structures help us by material gifts, as the laboratories which provide us drugs for the care or anaesthesias of the chimpanzees.

Foundations or associations
They are our principal backers, for some of them since years. Primarily french or american, among those which support us the more, are : the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, the SPA, Disney Conservation, or Arcus Foundation (sponsors). These structures finance us at least with height of 70 %.

Institutional structures
In the past, from 1994 to 1999, the World Bank has financed a part of the program of reintroduction through the PROGECAP - GEF Congo (Project of Management of the Protected Surfaces). This help ceased with the stop of the PROGECAP in the Republic of Congo.
We do not receive financial assistance from the Congolese government or the French government.

The expenditure
The expenditure concentrates on the actions in favour of the chimpanzees ; indeed, the first expenditure is the food of the chimpanzees of the sanctuary (purchase, transport) and the maintenance of the substructures. In second place come the wages of the Congolese auxiliaries. Office plurality of operating expenses of H.E.L.P. International in France and of H.EL.P. Congo in the Republic of Congo (mail, phone, office consumable ...) was lower than 5000 euros in 2005 (last item, represents approximately 5 % of our expenditure).

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