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Our sensitizing campaigns

To protect the primates and the tropical forest cannot be done without the implication of each one, here and over there. Sensitizing people is an integral part of our action.
Our publicity campaigns are structured with the increase of the means which we can devote to it. We take actions in the Republic of Congo and out of this country.

Actions carried out in the Republic of Congo
Ø In the past
Meeting in the school of NgomaWith the creation of H.E.L.P. Congo, some actions were carried out by the Congolese government near the populations from villages to inform them of the creation and the goals of the Sanctuary of Conkouati. Persons in charge for H.E.L.P. Congo carried out also several presentations of their project, in particular near potentials givers in the Republic of Congo.
In 1998 and until the beginning of the years 2000, the carried out actions were concentrated on the zone of Conkouati, in particular in partnership with the reponsables of the old reserve of Conkouati, included in the current National Park of Conkouati-Douli. Thus, it was organized presentations on the forest towards the schools of the close villages, with development of plantations of trees by the children, the creation of a local newspaper or the realization, through two missions on the ground, of a sociological study in order to have a better understanding the problems of the villagers and their conceptions of the natural environment surrounding them.
Exemple of a sensitizing panelØ Current situation and projects
Since 2003-2004, the sensitizing campaigns were reinforced, in particular thanks to the assistance of sponsors like Dysney Conservation or Rafter. Congolese could be recruited to be involved in it. Thus, it was carried out various interventions in Pointe Noire, like the diffusion of films about our project, in priority to be seen in schools. Panels of sensitizing were carried out for better presenting the stakes of our actions towards the villagers of the zone of Conkoauti.
Currently, we work to develop better tools for the children : puppets theatre, distribution of drawings to be colored and school materials... The goal is to inform in priority the children on the richness of their natural environment, on its importance and the threats which hangs over it: erosion, deforestation, poaching...
It is also studied a project of creation of an educational center about the forest and its habitats in Pointe Noire. This center will have to make it possible to accomodate, inform, direct and form the public. The cultural exchanges between Congolese schools and French schools will be also privileged. Sensitizing campaigns in the districts are also considered, to a public not sensitized with these problems. In all the cases, the goal is to support the reflexion by a respectfull exchange where protection of the biodiversity and the human ondition will be articulated as well as possible. 

Actions carried out outside the Republic of Congo
Ø Medias
From the very start of the years 1990, the actions carried out by H.E.L.P. Congo managed to arouse the interest of the media, in particular the french ones. Thus, several reports and articles were carried out (bibliography).
But with the creation of H.E.L.P. International, the communication outside the Republic of Congo was reinforced, as well for general public as for the scientific community. Two large films were carried out on our project in 1999 and 2001 and their diffusion worldwide allowed to sensitize better the people to our actions (bibliography).
Ø H.E.L.P. International members animating a standActivities undertaken in France by H.E.L.P. International
Apart from the actions for the media, members of H.EL.P. International carry out various actions:
      · Animations of stands or conferences, in particular within the zoos partners of our project
      · Organization of all kinds of events : 2005, organization of a charity match with the old players from St Etienne, in Clermont Ferrand - 2006, organization with the associatoin Kalaweit of an exposure in Paris (Blog)
      · Realization of presentations in schools, with drawing contest for example
      · Development of " media" sponsorships: thus Mr. Jean Marie Pelt agreed to be the godfather of our scientific research program on the surrounding-habitats of the primates; in the same way, the Tarmak group agreed in 2006 to become the godfather of the H.E.L.P. Project.
      · Development of a community life, in order to increase the number of our members and to inform them better and to imply in our actions
      · Creation of an Internet site in November 2000 which since this date has received the visit of almost 25 000 Net surfers (figure at March 1, 2006)!
One of our axes of action in the future will be to develop the contacts and partnerships with French-speaking associations also working in favour of the primates: to be stronger and more effective together!

We have a lot of projects in this essential field of sensitizing and our experience is already rich, in spite of our limited means. Today, we seek in particular with to better structure our step. Without more reflected and structured approach, our actions will lose all of their impact. We have the experience, the will, the people ready to invest themselves. We lacks means. It is thus necessary to collaborate with the organizations engaged in this sector in order to achieve durable, ambitious actions and of quality which will improve on the long term the relations Man-Nature. Your assistance will also be welcome!
Do not hesitate to contact us : we need your donations but also assistance. We seek, for example, an office in Paris to become our antenna in France and peoples ready to help us to animate it. 

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