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H.E.L.P. International
Standard association law  of 1901, created in 2000 in Paris, declared in the Official Journal, France (International H.E.L.P., 26 street of the Ferber Captain, 75020 Paris - France)

To act in favour of the Primates and their habitat, in particular while collaborating in the good realization of the programs of H.E.L.P. Congo by :
     1°) a representation of  H.E.L.P. Project except in the Republic of Congo, in particular near the sponsors, godfathers and various structures partners
     2°) a technical and logistic support (example: management of the voluntary help, search for particular materials...)
     3°) a scientific support, in particular by the presence of veterinary surgeons and scientists within H.E.L.P. International
     4°) a financial support, important function because this association manages all the procedures of funds researchs out of the Republic of Congo, manages also the funds collected in France and refunds H.E.L.P. Congo only on the basis of the expenses entering the annually definite budgetary headings in general assembly and on documents of proof
     5°) a reflexion on the future of the H.E.L.P. Project through the design and the development of new programs and partnerships.
a media relay of the H.E.L.P. Project, on the level of the scientific world (publication of articles in reviews at reading panel, conferences...) or near general public (press articles, Internet site, films and documentary, congress...).
In addition, H.E.L.P. International works to develop its own community life.

In 1998 and 1999, several expatriates of various countries are found to work together in the Republic of Congo for H.E.L.P. Congo, the very great majority of them like voluntary. At the end of their stay, they decide to be invested differently to help H.E.L.P. Congo from the outside and then create association H.E.L.P. International. This structure takes over from H.E.L.P. France, association dissolved in 1999 and which had brought to H.E.L.P. Congo an important support at the media level or voluntary help, thanks to the work of its president, Sophie Descamp. But as the needs out of the Republic of Congo increased, H.E.L.P. International saw itself invested of a more widened mission.

OperationPhilippe Vallas, H.E.L.P. International member, holding a stand to collect funds
ø This association is structured according to the French associative traditional model. It is made up of members whose most actives ones constitute the board of directors. From this last results the office, elected for 2 years renewable. The board of directors must count at least a member of the council of H.E.L.P. Congo. The important decisions for the H.E.L.P. Project are made in the majority of the two councils. Lastly, rules of operations of H.E.L.P. International are specified in rules of procedure.  
øBut in the daily acts, H.EL.P. International runs according to a particular method. Indeed, many of these active members are not in France, nor in the Republic of Congo but are native from various countries. Also, Internet is a tool very much used by these members, who each one ensures his mission from his place and very often with his own means. This made that still in 2006, H.E.L.P. International does not have an official room in France. This working method, allows a very reactive management, following close the needs on the ground while limiting to the maximum the running expenses. In addition, all the members are voluntary and currently no paid station was created.
ø Since the creation of H.EL.P. International, two presidents followed one another: Romain Calaque (2000-2001) and since, Benoit Goossens.

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