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H.E.L.P. Congo
None Gouvernementale Organisation (NGO), standard association, created on February 15, 1990 by Aliette Jamart in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo (H.E.L.P. Congo, BP 335, Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo).

To act in favour of the Primates and their habitat through:
      1°) The reception of chimpanzees resulting from the proaching and seized by the Congolese authorities.
      2°) The reintegration of chimpanzee in natural environment.
      3°) The follow-up post-to slacken reintroduced chimpanzees, at ends of safety and scientific research ; spreading of the results that we had.
      4°) Assistance with the Congolese authorities in their fight against the poaching.
      5°) The sensitizing and formation of the local human communities to the conservation of their natural environment.
      6°) The development of the knowledge on the habitat of the primates and the tools necessary to contribute to their durable management.

Aliette Jamart baby chimpanzeeOrigin
In 1989, Aliette Jamart, Frenchwoman living in Pointe Noire since the Sixties, takes in charge in her own house the chimpanzees and other primates living under miserable conditions at the zoo of Pointe Noire : << We initially took out two babies from the zoo. The male died, it remained to us the female, Jeannette, which I welcomed in my home... once we took chimpanzees with ourself , that becomes impossible to turn them away from you. > >. Very quickly, orphans victims of the poaching are added to the first boarders. But Aliette knows that welcoming them is not enough. It is also necessary to stop the illegal traffic or to protect the forest. February 15, 1990, to officialize her action, Aliette Jamart set up H.E.L.P. Congo and defines its missions. 

Main reference mark dates
· 1991: The Congolese government put 3 islands at our disposal on the lagoon of Conkouati (180 km in the north of Pointe Noire) ; creation of the " Sanctuary of Conkouati ".
     ·  November 1996 : first released of 5 chimpanzees on the Triangle, forest belt included in the National Park of Conkouati-Douli and put at disposal by the Congolese government. Jeanette belongs to this group. Since then, 4 others released took place.

     ·  1996 - Today : continuation of the follow-up of the reintroduced chimpanzees and their descent
     · 2000 - Today : Development of the other programs, in parallel with the released : sensitizing, plantation, scientific operation on the habitat of the primates...
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H.E.L.P. Congo is organized according to an associative model with a board of directors, composed of Congolese and French expatriate of long date. On the field, work is ensured by the voluntary ones of all countries and Congolese employees, under the direction of Aliette Jamart, president-founder. H.E.L.P. Congo is one of the principal employers on the zone of Conkouati. 
Since 2000, its actions are defined in collaboration with  H.E.L.P. International. This last structure collects the very great majority of the funds and refunds H.E.L.P. Congo of its expenses on documents of proof.

Sites : Entry of the Sanctuary
ø The official head office of H.E.L.P. Congo is located in Pointe Noire where is a room with office and computer equipment.
ø Camp of the TriangleThe orphan chimpanzees are accomodated on the Sanctuary of Conkouati. When they are rather autonomous, the chimpanzees live on one of the wooded islands of the Sanctuary. This last, contiguous to the reference plantation, is also the principal base of H.E.L.P. Congo on the ground because accessible by the road.
ø The Triangle, where the released of the reintroduced chimpanzees took place, is a forest belt of approximately 21 km². A camp, divided into two parts, allows the reception of the teams in charge of the follow-up of the reintroduced individuals. It is accessible only by boat.

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